Classroom Procedures and Expectations:
Supplies: folder and pencil and flash drive
Do students have a flash drive?
  • Our job is to work together to be respectful, responsible, and safe
  • You are expected to enter the classroom quietly and be in your seat when the bell rings.
  • If you come in late you need a pass.
  • You are expected to use the restroom between classes.
  • Raise your hand and I will acknowledge you
  • Follow directions and be on task
  • Be responsible so all students can learn. Correct one another respectfully.
  • Enter the classroom quietly and wait for instructions.
  • When I hold up my hand I will say, "Give me five." That means the entire class should be absolutely silent and still within 5 seconds.
  • Two minutes before class ends, will tell you to start logging off and get packed up. Then, I will give you any last minute instructions and dismiss you. How did you do today?
  • Assignments are due at the end of class period unless noted and failure to complete on time will result in no credit/reduced credit for the assignment.
  • Take care of equipment, report any problems with computers.

Respect Essay for record keeping: